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​Royal Minibars silent hotel minibar refrigerators is a leading industry manufacturer of quality silent hotel minibar refrigerators. We cater to everyone including hotels, motels, inns, lodges, yachts, consumers, architects, designers, furniture manufacturers, and more. The installations of our products can be seen globally and domestically.

Our silent hotel refrigerators boast quality unparalleled to others in the field. We take pride in the craftsmanship and personal details we put into making our products a perfect fit for your next project. Our Royal silent hotel minibar refrigerators are manufactured with the latest in Absorption Cooling Technology and are 100% silent, with no moving parts, vibration or maintenance required.


Our product is designed to be used free-standing or built-in. Please refer to our suggested Ventilation Requirements to see the type of ventilation that is required for our refrigerators being housed inside of a cabinet or millwork. Specific suggestions can be made by our specialists regarding the suggested ventilation for the environment specific to your cabinetry.

We invite you to visit our Minibars page to see the available models and features which come standard with all of our refrigerators.

Below you can find what our silent hotel refrigerators have to offer.

  • Interior LED light

  • Environmentally Friendly CFC and HCFC free-refrigeration

  • Secure link slider for 2-door use (optional)

  • Left or right door hinges at production (reversible)

  • Superior Absorption Cooling Technology

  • Vented Cabinet for Ventilation

  • Optional lock & key or glass door at production

  • Energy-saving operation (EE)



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